Yoga Downers Grove, IL

Hot Yoga Classes Downers Grove, IL

Perhaps you're looking to strengthen your mind, body and spirit. Or maybe you're simply eager to take a break from the stress and challenge of daily life.

Yoga is a practice for everyone because it meets you right where you are in the moment. Yoga by Degrees invites you to participate in our hot yoga classes for Downers Grove, IL.

Whether a beginner student or an advanced yogi, you are welcome here. We aim to make every hot yoga student from Downers Grove feel at home with modern comfort for an ancient practice.

Relax and renew yourself - the possibilities of our hot yoga classes for Downers Grove students are endless. Call (630) 690-9642 (YOGA) to find out more.

Turning Up the Heat: Hot Yoga Classes for Downers Grove, IL

Our hot yoga for Downers Grove varies from 80ºF to 105ºF depending on the class. Practicing yoga in a heated room boosts circulation and cleanses the body. It also detoxifies organs and loosens sore, stiff muscles, providing a greater range of motion throughout the body.

Our vinyasa yoga picks up the heart rate as well. And with the heated room that helps to slow the mind, you have the perfect combination for a hatha yoga practice. Our hot yoga classes for Downers Grove, IL truly invigorate you.

Not the Same as Bikram Yoga for Downers Grove, IL

We provide you with an alternative to Bikram yoga. You'll find that we offer a greater range of poses. Our hot yoga classes are also available at different temperatures for Downers Grove students.

You'll receive a cool towel soaked in soothing essential oils at the end of each session as well.

At Yoga by Degrees, you enjoy the look of a top-notch spa with the feel of a blissful yoga haven. All of our teachers also have a minimum of 200 hours of teacher training from Yoga Alliance-registered schools.

Call (630) 690-9642 (YOGA) for more information about hot yoga classes as an alternative to Bikram yoga for Downers Grove, IL.

Stylish Yoga Clothes for Downers Grove, IL

In addition to hot yoga classes, Yoga by Degrees features a yoga boutique with stylish yoga clothes and jewelry for Downers Grove students. You'll find yoga accessories such as mats and Yogitoes as well.

Be sure to stop in at the boutique to browse yoga clothes while you're here!

Look, Think & Feel Even Better - Hot Yoga Classes for Downers Grove

Refresh and replenish your mental and physical faculties at Yoga by Degrees. We'd love to help you locate and experience even greater peace, strength and beauty within yourself.

Call (630) 690-9642 (YOGA) to discuss our hot yoga classes and yoga clothes for Downers Grove, IL. Ask more about how we differ from Bikram yoga for Downers Grove. Inquire about our specialty pricing for select Downers Grove students!